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Crown Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM takes pride in being your go-to car dealership in Dublin, Ohio. The certified technicians at our state-of-the-art CDJR service center go above and beyond to provide the service you need when you need it. We make it easy to schedule service online and savings with our monthly service specials and service financing.

Contact us when it’s time for routine maintenance or check out our services that range from engine work, wheel alignments, and brake inspections to oil change service and transmission service. Transmission repair is something you don’t want to delay. Learn more about the importance of a transmissions fluid flush and transmission service in Dublin when contacting the service team at Crown Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM.

Why is Transmission Service in Dublin Important?

You need a reliable mode of transportation. In fact, you rely on your pickup truck, SUV, or sedan to get you where you need to go. Your transmission system, whether you have a manual transmission, CVT, or automatic transmission, is one of the hardest working components of your vehicle. This system works closely with your engine to ensure smooth handling and precise cornering.

Caring for this system is essential. The transmission fluid helps lubricate all working parts. Over time, this fluid can be infected with dirt, debris, particles, and sludge, which negatively impacts lubrication to all working parts. When the ASE-certified team at our CDJR service center performs a transmission fluid flush, they use a flushing system that removes the old fluid during the transmission fluid exchange. The process involves adding a cleaning solution to the fresh fluid to ward off any transmission problems in the future.

Transmission service in Dublin involves a thorough inspection of all parts of the system, including the transmission filter, transmission pan, and cooler line. After transmission flush service and transmission service in Dublin, you’ll notice that your vehicle’s transmission performs better and you’ll spend less on transmission maintenance overtime.

In some rare cases, you may need major repair services or a transmission replacement. You can count on the service team at Crown CDJR to perform a transmission rebuild or replacement that helps ensure the safety and performance of your SUV, pickup truck, or sedan.

When Should I Schedule Transmission Service?

Most manufacturers recommend transmission service in Dublin every 30,000 miles or every two years, as noted in your owner’s manual. Luckily, you have a service team who can create a customized maintenance schedule for you, regardless of your type of transmission. Our auto care services typically follow a timeline recommended for your make or model, but there are some factors that affect when you should schedule a transmission fluid flush or transmission service in Dublin.

One of the most dominant factors is driving in harsh climates on a regular basis. Due to warmer than usual temperatures, your engine and transmission may have to work harder, which begs the need for more frequent transmission service in Dublin or transmission flush service. Your driving habits can also impact when you need transmission repairs or transmission service. For instance, if you drive with your foot hovering over the brake pedal, this can add more stress to the system.

Additional signs that you need transmission service in Dublin includes a grinding noise under the hood, an illuminated check engine light, and difficulty accelerating or shifting. If you notice that the transmission fluid is dark and cloudy or you notice an odor from the fluid, contact us for transmission flush service.

If you think it’s time for transmission repairs or transmission service in Dublin, allow our service team the opportunity to evaluate your system. We can help to reduce transmission repair costs with service specials and convenient service financing.

How Can I Care for My Transmission?

You can count on our CDJR service center team to care for your vehicle. However, we rely on our customers to keep us informed of any issues they may notice in between service visits. One of the most important elements to check is your coolant. Your coolant fluid helps to keep your vehicle from running hot, which can add pressure to the engine and the transmission system.

Scheduling regular routine maintenance is also essential. Regular tire rotations, fluid flushes, and oil change service helps to keep your vehicle performing at its best while also enhancing your fuel economy.

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Get the repairs you need, when you need them, at Crown Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM. Our service team is here to serve you - and serve you well. See for yourself when scheduling transmission service in Dublin at our CDJR service center.

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