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Where Can I Schedule Oil Change Service in Dublin?

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Why Choose Us for an Oil Change?

You want to have your vehicle serviced at an auto repair shop that employs only certified technicians who go above and beyond to perform thorough and efficient auto repair services. You’ve found the perfect place. Crown Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM features a state-of-the-art service center with a range of services on our menu that include wheel alignments, tire replacements, brake inspections, battery replacements, and more.

We also specialize in oil change service in Dublin. Our routine maintenance includes not only oil and filter change service, but also tire rotations and a multi-inspection of your vehicle. Schedule oil change service today and learn more about our monthly service specials that help you save on routine maintenance.

Why is Oil Change Service Important?

In order to ensure maximum performance and smooth handling, it’s important to stay on top of routine maintenance that includes tire rotations, fluid checks, and oil and filter change service. When our CDJR service team performs an oil change, we ensure that all working parts of your vehicle are properly lubricated and the motor oil is free from particles, debris, and dirt that could impact how your SUV, Jeep, truck, or minivan performs.

Over time, your engine oil breaks down, especially the more you drive. The amount of engine oil decreases and can become dirty and thick. This impacts the oil’s ability to lubricate the working parts of the engine and could decrease your fuel economy. That’s why it’s important to schedule an oil change service in Dublin. This service includes an inspection of the oil drain pan and the drain plug. Our full-service oil change includes draining out the dirty oil and adding fresh oil to boost the performance of your vehicle from Crown Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM.

What are the Types of Oil Changes?

You have several options when scheduling oil and filter change service at our service department. Our highly-trained technicians can help you decide the best type of engine oil while sharing tips on how to maximize performance and enhance fuel economy.

Conventional Oil is the most common type used for light-duty vehicles that have low mileage and newer designs. This type of oil change is also recommended for vehicles with simple engine options.

Full synthetic oil is recommended for high-performance vehicles such as sports sedans and sports cars. Full synthetic oil includes a higher viscosity that helps to reduce thermal breakdown and resist oxidation over time. You will pay more for full synthetic oil because it offers extra protection for heavy-duty vehicles but you can save with our oil change coupons.

Synthetic blend motor oil is a mixture of conventional and full synthetic oil. This type of oil change adds additives to the engine oil that offer more resistance to oxidation, especially when driving in harsh conditions.

High mileage motor oil is recommended for vehicles that have more than 75,000 miles. This type of oil change service helps to minimize leaks, reduces the amount of oil your vehicle consumes, and helps to reduce emissions and smoke from polluting the air.

When Do I Need Oil Change Service in Dublin?

On average, most vehicles require oil and filter change service every 3,000 miles. Depending upon your make or model, the manufacturer may recommend oil changes every 10,000 to 15,000 miles. In addition to finding the recommendations in your owner’s manual, our technicians can also help you determine an appropriate maintenance schedule for oil change service in Dublin.

We will also help to determine the best type of oil change service for your vehicle and offer you convenience. On average, routine maintenance takes about 15 minutes and you can even stay in your car while our technicians get to work. This service includes an inspection of your cabin air filter and engine air filter. Learn more about how oil and filter change service can help extend the life of your vehicle when scheduling service at Crown Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM.

How Can I Schedule Oil and Filter Change Service?

Don’t delay providing your vehicle with the TLC it needs. Instead, contact the team at our CDJR service center to schedule an oil and filter change service. We offer convenient online scheduling and service coupons that make it more affordable to care for your vehicle.

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