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Why Is Coolant Flush Service Important?

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Crown Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM is here to help you maintain your vehicle, regardless of the make or model. We host a state-of-the-art service center with certified technicians who possess decades of combined experience. Our menu of services ranges from oil change service and tire rotations to wheel alignments, brake inspection, check engine light service, and battery replacements.

We also specialize in coolant flush service. As one of the most vital services your vehicle needs, we recommend contacting our team to schedule a coolant flush in Dublin. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of coolant service in Dublin and how to save with the monthly service specials available from Crown Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM.

Why is Coolant Flush Service Important?

Obviously, it’s no secret that routine maintenance is important to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Most car owners don’t delay the need for an oil change service that helps remove dirt, debris, and particles from blocking the flow of lubricant to the engine. However, coolant flush service is just as important.

It’s easy to overlook, though. You don’t see the fluid that flushes through your vehicle’s working components on a regular basis. However, without proper coolant and clean fluids, your vehicle may experience extensive damage that could lead to costly repairs.

Coolant service in Dublin is important because a coolant flush helps to keep the engine at an optimal temperature. Coolant, also known as antifreeze, needs to be flushed on a regular basis to help remove rust deposits, contaminants, buildup, and scale deposits that can negatively impact the overall coolant system.

This fluid exchange helps to also prevent chemical buildup and corrosion from gathering in your vehicle’s cooling system. Old coolant easily breaks down components of your engine because it becomes acidic. This acid eats away at the water pump, rubber hoses, and aluminum components of your engine. As a result, the car’s engine may run hot and the coolant levels may run low, which could lead to a breakdown or malfunction.

When Should I Schedule a Coolant Flush?

Most gas-powered vehicles require a coolant flush in Dublin every 30,000 miles. During coolant flush service, our certified technicians will inspect the engine and the cooling system to determine if there is any acidic buildup or rest that poses a risk. Once the coolant fluid exchange service is complete, you’ll notice that your vehicle is less likely to run hot and accelerates with ease.

Although the manufacturer recommendations are usually accurate, there are some factors that can beg the need for coolant service in Dublin sooner vs later. For example, if you have a worn-out radiator hose, this can cause leaks and issues that affect your cooling system. In addition, radiator cracks and leaks can add rust, debris, and dirt to the coolant system. When necessary, our team may need to drain the radiator and perform a radiator flush during coolant service in Dublin.

There are also tell-tale signs that could indicate the need for a coolant flush in Dublin. For instance, if you notice that the temperature gauge reads hot when driving, you may need a coolant flush. Additional signs are also easy to notice, such as pools of green or orange liquid under your vehicle that stems from a leak. Some drivers also notice a grinding noise when driving.

Primarily, if you see steam coming from the engine, rust near the coolant liquid, or an odd odor, we recommend you contact the service team at Crown Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM for coolant service in Dublin. We are committed to thoroughly inspecting the system to prevent further mishaps down the road.

How to Schedule Coolant Service in Dublin

System flushes are just as important as routine maintenance. If you suspect your vehicle needs a coolant flush in Dublin, we are your go-to CDJR service center. Contact our team for a cooling system flush or schedule major and minor auto repairs using our online service scheduler.

As part of our commitment to premium customer service, the team at Crown Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM is here to help extend the life of your vehicle and maximize performance. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of coolant service in Dublin.

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