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Brake Repair and Service With a Smile

You rely on stability when driving and a working brake system provides you with peace of mind on the road. However, as your brakes begin to wear out, this can cause a hazard on the road and put your safety in jeopardy. Luckily, you have the best CDJR service center available to help.

Our full menu of auto repair services at our state-of-the-art CDJR service center includes not only brake repair in Dublin, but also wheel alignments, brake inspections, tire replacements, check engine light service, and transmission repairs. We are your go-to resource for routine maintenance, too.

If you’ve noticed that your brakes are squealing or it has become more difficult to stop, schedule brake service in Dublin right away at Crown Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, where we prioritize customer service and perform major and minor auto repairs for all makes and models.

The Components of a Brake System

Before we dive into the basics of brake repair and service, our certified technicians would like to help you understand more about how your system works. All components of your brake system work together to ensure that you can stop safely and without a challenge. When you stop in for brake service in Dublin, we perform a thorough inspection of all working parts, including the rotors, calipers, pads, and fluid.

The brake system isn’t as complex as you would suspect. This system includes hoses that carry fluid to the calipers from the mainline. Each hose is inspected for corrosion, deterioration, or cracks when we begin brake service in Dublin. We look at the brake calipers next. The calipers are responsible for squeezing the brake pads directly against the brake rotors to bring your car to a stop.

The brake pads, also referred to as the shoes of your system, are gripped by the rotors to ensure the wheels stop spinning. The pads also connect with the rotors, ultimately providing the pressure necessary for stopping power. If you have brake problems or need a check of the brake lines and brake fluid, schedule service at Crown Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM.

Signs You Need CDJR Brake Service

The best way to know if you need a brake pad replacement or a brake repair in Dublin is to allow our technicians the opportunity to inspect your system. Our auto service shop specializes in vehicle brake repair and service. We are also known as a top tire dealer when you need tire replacements.

However, if you haven’t been in for routine maintenance, there are some signs that you may notice that indicate the need for brake service in Dublin. One of the most obvious signs is when you find it difficult to stop. You may notice that you have to apply more pressure to the brake pedal or the vehicle begins to grind as you stop. Some drivers notice a scraping sound when they apply the pedal while others may notice that the steering wheel shakes when you accelerate or try to stop.

These vibrations may make it more difficult to press the pedal all the way to the floor to stop, which can put you and your passengers at risk. When hitting higher speeds, you may also notice that the vehicle begins to wobble or shake.

When to Schedule Brake Repair and Service

Brake repair and service timelines vary based on your driving habits, the age of the brakes and brake components, and the roads you drive on. In most cases, brakes need to be replaced every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. When replacing the brakes, we’ve noticed that most front sets wear out before the rear. If necessary, we can replace both or just one set of brakes at a time.

You may also just need to replace components of your system, such as the pads or the rotors. When the pads begin to wear down, this can cause other components to break down as well. On average, your rotors will need to be replaced at 70,000 miles, but if you drive on roads with potholes or you hit curbs regularly, prepare to replace the pads or rotors more often.

Another component of brake service in Dublin is a brake fluid exchange. This maintenance service involves refreshing the fluid so that it provides lubrication to the working parts of your system. Rest assured that at each brake service visit, our team will inspect the hoses, fluid, calipers, rotors, and pads, as well as the brakes.

How to Schedule Brake Service in Dublin

Crown CDJR makes it easy to get the brake service you need. We offer online scheduling options so you can choose the best day and time and we help you save with service specials and coupons. If you’re facing an unexpected expense, consider talking with our technicians about our service financing available.

Our goal is to get you back on the road in a vehicle that is safe and one you can rely on. Contact us today to see how our CDJR service center can better serve you.

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