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Energize Your Vehicle With Battery Service

As one of the most important elements of your vehicle, your battery works hard to energize the working components and provide power to the engine and the electrical system. The last thing you need or want is a dead battery at the worst time. Instead of relying on a tow truck, schedule battery service in Dublin at Crown Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM.

Our certified technicians are here to perform battery tests to determine the charge or the need for a battery replacement in Dublin, Ohio. With competitive pricing on car batteries and high-quality auto repairs, there’s no denying that our CDJR service center is your go-to resource for battery service in Dublin. Contact us today or schedule service online.

Types of Battery Service in Dublin

Although you have the team at our CDJR service center to recommend types of batteries for your vehicle, it’s also important to know your options for car battery service in Dublin, Ohio.

Majority of gas-powered vehicles require what is known as an AGM (absorbed glass mat) battery or a lead-acid battery. If you’re driving a hybrid or electric vehicle, your next battery replacement in Dublin may require a lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery or a NiMH battery, also known as nickel metal hydride.

On average, most traditional lead-acid car batteries are pretty much maintenance-free. There’s no need to add water, but it may be necessary to make sure the unit and charging system is free from debris or corrosion. While lead-acid car batteries are often more affordable than AGM batteries, the downside is that they may not hold a charge for as long as other types.

When measuring the battery’s power, there are two types of measurements - cranking amps and cold cranking amps. During battery service, our service team will evaluate the cranking amps. This type of measurement evaluates the battery’s starting power when the temperature is above 32 degrees F. Cold cranking amps measure the power when temperatures are below 32 degrees.

It is often helpful to know the recommended minimum amount of cranking amps your vehicle requires, especially when purchasing a new battery. Don’t worry, though. The service technicians at Crown Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM are knowledgeable about the type of battery service you need and can help you pick out the right choice for your vehicle.

During battery service in Dublin, you can also count on our team to check the reserve capacity. This refers to the time the battery will deliver maximum amperage before completely discharging. If the rating is higher, this means your current vehicle’s battery can power through situations such as leaving the lights on accidentally.

When to Schedule Battery Replacement Service

Our service center and mobile mechanics often recommend battery replacement service every three to five years. However, depending upon your driving habits and how much you drive, this timeline may change. If you notice that it takes longer to start your car or corrosion has appeared on or near the battery, we recommend contacting our team for battery service in Dublin.

There may be additional issues that could cause the need for battery replacement service sooner vs later. For example, the starter or alternator could be malfunctioning, which can drain the life of your battery faster than usual.

Signs You Need Battery Service in Dublin

Knowing when you need a car battery replacement before you’re left stranded is essential. Here are a few signs that you may need a car battery replacement in Dublin or battery service.

  • Your vehicle makes unusual sounds when you try to start the ignition
  • Your vehicle is slow to start
  • The check engine light or battery light has illuminated on the dashboard
  • Your battery looks bloated or swollen
  • Corrosion exists around the outside of the battery terminal
  • The battery is more than five years old

How to Schedule a Battery Replacement in Dublin

When it’s time for battery replacement service, count on the service team at Crown Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM. Our technicians go above and beyond to perform thorough auto repairs, including battery service, while inspecting your SUV, pickup truck, sedan, or sports car to ensure high quality and maximum performance.

Learn more about our full menu of services that includes wheel alignments, oil change service, tire rotations, transmission repairs and more, when scheduling battery service in Dublin. You can also reap the benefits of online service scheduling and our monthly specials posted on our website. Don’t delay the service your vehicle needs. Contact us today.

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